Internet Expansion
Almost 1/2 of Scandia lacks access to high speed internet.

In 2017, I founded the grass roots Interneet Focus Group with the goal of finding a way to get everyone in town access to internet. In August, 2019, the City Council chose to partner with MidCo to expand their existing network to the rest of the city.

The council appointed an Internet Action Committee to work with MidCo, to develop and implement a 5-year plan to complete the expansion. Phase 1 is being implemented this year with help from a MN DEED Grant. 238 more homes will have internet available to them by the end of the year. The committee, is looking at more federal and state funding sources to see what future expansions might look like.

I will work to get everyone in Scandia access to high speed internet.

Enhance our Parks and Trails
Scandia is a community with several historic and scenic destinations and points of interest.

We need to protect these natural treasures and we need to provide better access by the community with safe bike and walking trails.

I will work to enhance our Parks and our Trails.

Scandia is a beautiful city with many historic amenities.

We should leverage some of this to attract people to come to Scandia, visit, and spend money.
It is also said that many people ony move into a city they have visted before and found things they enjoyed doing there. If we are to attract families, we need to create things for them and their children to do.

I will work to increase tourism opportunities in Scandia.

Struggling Businesses
The foundation of any community is the right mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

I have watched businesses in Scandia come and go over the years. As a business owner myself, I understand many of the issues our business community faces. Our businesses need a strong labor force, lower costs, and more customers.

We need to stengthen existing, and attact new, businesses in Scandia. We need to do this without sacrificing the rural character we all love and enjoy.

I will work to help Scandia's Struggling Businesses.

When was the last time a City Council Member, other than me, communicated with you?

I am out in the community, meeting with people, on a regular basis.
I am a regular contrubutor to the NextDoor Social Media Site.
I maintain a website to collect and disiminate factual information about the internet expansion in Scandia.
I help people communicate their concerns to the City.
I communicate things going on in the City to the people of Scandia.

I will communicate with the people of Scandia.

If you have an issue you would like to see addressed, click the "Send a Message" button and let me know.