My Goals

Revise and Enforce our Ordinances
I want to see a vibrant downtown, neighborhood parks, and diversified opportunities for commercial, industrial, and residential growth. Our ordinances are difficult to understand and enforce. They need to be rewritten. I will help drive Scandia in the direction the citizens want.

Honor the Residents of our City
Scandia residents need to know their voices are being heard. I will treat every resident with the dignity they deserve. I cannot promise to agree with everyone, but I hope everyone will look to me and respect me for how I treat them and what I do.

Honor our Business Community
Scandia businesses need a strong economic development environment to work within. I will work with business owners and the EDA to find ways to help existing businesses grow and to make our community attractive for new businesses to join our community.

Honor our City Staff
An organization is only as good as the employees make it. We need an engaged staff that feels appreciated and listened to by their Council members. I want to engage every staff member to find out what they think is working, what doesn't work, and what ideas they have for improving Scandia. I would then work with the Council and City Administrator to find ways to implement suggestions that will have the greatest impacts.

Leadership & Values
My definition of leadership begins with serving the needs of those around me. I have a long track record of successful leadership. The cornerstone of my strength is a strong set of core values. I will strive to stay true to my values (Service, Compassion, Respect, Ethics, and Charity) in everything I do.